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Miss Vouise, Please

Behold; the Dominant's protocol. This information is essential to serving me.

Screening + deposit are mandatory, and non-negotiable. Every single soul that has walked through the threshold of my dungeon to serve me, has completed this step. You are not so important that you are above this protocol. This stands for not only my safety, but yours as well. Any real professional will have some sort of screening and safety measure in place, and I am no exception. In fact, I decline session requests frequently over clients who expect me to "just believe them". My safety and well being come first and foremost. I am plastered all over the internet, across various ad sites, clip sites and social media. You know who I am, and it's only fair I get to verify who I'm seeing before a session. Your information is safe, and will never be shared.

References are welcome, but will not guarantee you an appointment. Include at least 2 provider references with their website and email.  I will not scower the internet looking for these providers, as this becomes time consuming for me. If you would like to use me as a reference, you must have seen me within the previous 12 months.  You are welcome to use me as a reference only if you've emailed me and have been granted permission. After the second reference, I will require a tip for my time.


Deposits are mandatory. Yes, every single time you book. I require a 50% deposit to get on my books and under my boot. I will not elaborate on this, and if you feel as though you are owed an explanation on this or are the exception to the rule, you are not the client for me. 


If you are going to be late, email or text me ASAP. I have a 15 minute grace period, but after that, you will be cutting into your own session time.


If you need to reschedule for any reason, you must email me ASAP. Depending on the circumstances, my schedule and the dungeon schedule, you may be asked to send another deposit. 


If you need to cancel for any reason, I expect the remainder of what is owed  for the session electronically. You will not be able to book me with me in the future if you bail on this very last step, and you will be blacklisted and on my shit list!


Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene.  While my dungeon has a shower you are welcome to use before and after our appointment, it is a requirement that you arrive with impeccable hygiene. Especially for those messy, wet, invasive scenes. If you have any sort of penetration listed as an interest and arrive not having properly cleared out gutters, I will not engage in those interests, and will probably pivot our session and make you scrub the floors or do the dishes. Most would think it's common sense, but no, I am constantly having to remind clients of this. If you are a newcomer looking for advise on the topic, let me know! I am happy to guide you in the right direction. 


While it may not feel very "sexy" "edgy" or "fun" reading over these rules and regulation, it is imperative that it is consumed, studied and abided by to save both you and myself time and any miscommunication, and to avoid a bunch of back and forth in email. I despise long email chains, and aim to have your questions answered and session booked in less than 5 emails or text. Sending a tip is an excellent way to hold my attention and show that you are respectful of my time if you feel as though you may have a longer winded inquiry.  Obviously you'll send a tip with your initial application, because you are excited to serve me and grateful for the opportunity.


If you've read all of this, congratulations! You've done the absolute bare minimum of requirements to booking a Dominatrix. When you use my application to apply, the "magic word" is Sheboygan. If I see this on your application, it proves to me that you've reviewed all of this material and are one step closer to serving your Mistress.

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